• CubePro

    3D Printing

  • ProJet 1200

    Low-Cost Professional 3D Printer

  • Projet 3600 SD & HD

    Plastic 3D Printer Series

  • ProJet 3600 CP & CPX

    Real Wax 3D Printer Series

  • ProJet 3600 DP & MP

    Dental 3D Printer Series

  • ProJet 4500

    Professional 3D Printer

  • ProJet 5500X

    Multi-Material 3D Printer

  • Projet x60 Series

    Fast, Full Colour

  • ProX 500

    Production 3D Printer

  • ProX 950

    SLA Production 3D Printer

  • ProJet 5000

    High Definition 3D Printing

  • Projet 6000 & 7000

    Professional 3D Printers

  • SLA Series

    Production 3D Printers

  • Direct Metal

    Production 3D Printers

  • ProJet® MJP 2500 Series

    Professional 3D Printer

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About Q5 - leading supplier of 3d printers

Q5 is a leading supplier of 3D printing solutions in Scotland. As an associate of Print IT 3D, we can bring you the highest quality 3D printing solutions available, whatever your requirements; and with over 29 years' experience delivering printing devices to our customers, we are able to tailor suggestions specific to businesses and their needs, providing them with a comprehensive guide into the future.

3D Systems invented 3D Printing and we are delighted to be able to supply through P3D, the full range of machines and products that have become the mainstay of 3D Printing innovation throughout the world.

Let us help you to progress into the future and fulfil your design expectations.

"If geometry has no limitations what would be possible?"

Also, as an accredited Ricoh dealer, we specialise in supplying photocopiers, printers, multifunctional units, scanners, shredders and wide format machines - click here to see our range of printers.